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I am back, so happy to be in this blog again. Sorry I have not been updating as I was busy with my other blogs.

I love blogging so I have attached myself with my blogs, also attending events that interest me.

If you love to keep a look out on my updates do check out




My son also has a  blog http://mykidshopping.blogspot.com


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Yeah everyone I have new blogs to share with you. Be sure to check them out.

love and thoughts

You can find me often at

Check out two giveaway @ name sherry and iluvcontest

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I am sure you want to know what I saw on blogging, you got to visit my blogs to find out. I am not always here because I am there.

love everything
heart random
my mom’s best

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How much is SE C903

I am looking at this phone and I like it, I like to have a new phone but I do not know why I do not earn enough money even though I have many blogs. I am so sad but I know nothing is perfect and everything important to me what matter more will be health!

This morning the postman was kind enough to call me as he was waiting outside to pass me the parcel. Hot weather and I feel bad for him, hope he is working smart and not stress himself.

By the way, you can check my working blog now.

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I am back

I am so happy that I am back on this blog and I am sad because one of my blog no longer can be access. I have change the password and forgetful me I have no idea what is the username. I know it is time to move on for a new blog. I did and I sure hope I can still remember the blogs info.

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I am sure you will know Jade by now, if you are following my blog. The pretty lady you are looking at is PinayJade. Jade is Pinay at Heart! That is how she comes up with the beautiful blog name for her blog, Pinayjade.com. This is where you can read more about Life of  Filipina Blogger in Singapore.

Currently Jade and her hubby are having summer break in Philippines. I hope they are having good time designing their home. Jade is not able to blog often as she at a place where there is no electricity, no TV , and Internet. I already miss but she will be in Singapore on 14 April.

I do not know how Jade did it, she has a new blog started on August last year. I think she must staying up all night to start the blog. It is MommaWannabe where you can read more about her journey to motherhood.

If you like to know more about Jade, you can click on the link above. She has so much to share with you. You will able to see pictures and things she loves to do.

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New Header Picture

My friend Makoy is planning for a new head picture at one of his blog. The blog about the arts and the entertainment. I am sure everyone has got good idea and advice. I like to hear from you, even better if you can let Makoy knows.

I have commented about my idea and not sure it is good enough. Makoy’s blog is always updated on Celebrities and others. This is what I like about his blog, there is update everyday!

By the way, the Big Mak Blog Contest is still going on. You are welcome to take part. I hope you mention referral by Sherry. You and me can earn points. I get to earn five  points thanks to you and you get to earn three points for mention me!

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