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Got to say that I have been neglecting this wordpress for a long time. I am more doing my lifestyle blog post on my other blogs. namsherry and whateverygalwant. Most of my blogs like heartrandom.com, loveandthought.com, kissmi.info no longer available as I cannot afford to having them all. It was time to let them go…

You can find me on social media too as I update almost daily. They are

instagram/twitter @sherrygo

I also active on my fb page and fan page: Sad to say that my blog .us a parenting blog the domain name no longer mine. I paid my friend to renewal each time but now unable to do so, she says she can no longer access it. 😦

So I have change my .us blog to http://www.mymumbest.com , you are welcome to visit.

Boys they are growing up fast, 11yrs old and 6 yrs old yeah and education is getting tougher too! Not just study and tuition in school but outside too. It is not free, need to pay for the tuition classes.





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I have a new blog that is kissmi, please visit yeah 😀

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It is fun to take part in giveaway so let’s join the There is Happiness giveaway. So many stuff for one winner to walk home!

1. Measurement Chart from Twins Happiness
2. Hello Kitty Frame from There is Happines
3. Sponge bob toy from Also Mommy
4. Avon Wish for Peace from TH Corner
5. Milk Brightening Eye Mask from Heart Random
6. Milk Brightening Eye Mask from isherrygo
7. Creative toys from Lurvertyhing
8. Big Eyes Dolly cell phone charm from Sherry Contest
9. A sachet of Cocoa Collage from Travel Blog
10. Blue Hair Wire from Nikofav
11. Orange Hair Wire from Yumiko

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Time for a break for me, I love blogging but I am lack of knowledge in marketing. Here by I like to share with you that I often visit, that is the blog named SuperWay brand new online marketing blog. There are many categories you can find at the blog, it is user friendly and you will find the information you need. About the Categories that I find useful for me are Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting, Keyword Research, List Building, Traffic Tactics and Make Money Online.

Keyword Research is what  I am learning because I am lacked on skill so I try to practice as often as possible. Other than thatTraffic Tactics are important for me as I need to maintain many blogs and I hope to learn the way to maintain the traffic and page rank.

Let’s not just read here, click on the link above to find out for yourself.

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Lizard big like komodo

Have you seen a lizard which is big and I mean as big as komodo? If you have not seen one you can see this post. I seen it and I thougth first it is fake but its NOT. By the way my other blog is getting so much spam and I can see many spam in a day.

Have you seen my new blogs? They are isherrygo, love everything, iblogaholic.

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Yeah just now over here very heavy rain and thunder storm. My toilet light’s bulb is out now! My sister told me that at her work place there is raining ice cube and keeps telling me to pick the ice from home. But at home there is no ice cube rain but only water rain.

She must have fun playing them at work!

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Just 1 cent no kidding!

There is a PR3 blog where you can place your ad 125×125 for just one cent. Yeah I am not kidding just go check the shopping blog to see, it just had a makeover and I love it.

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