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Crime happening broad daylight

The safety here is getting serious as it is not safe any more. I do not see the news on newspaper about the break in or robbery. I see it on email that my classmate sent to me. It was serious matter because the people just going home and right away there are motorists coming to snatch handbag and having big knife on them.

It is recession time so people will lost their job and some people just do not want to look for job. They choose to be thief and it is sad to see this happened.


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The whole world is having recession time, I am sure you know that it is time to save up money! I love shopping but I cannot shop for things I like any more. I might be able to buy but the budget will be cut! Recession saving tips is here for everyone to have a look!

My friend Makoy is a Filipino blogger working in Singapore. Makoy’s has got four blogs to share with you. One of them is The Certified Pinoy Blogger! Tell me what you think of his blog.

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