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Today is Saturday

Yeah this is the month of May and today is Saturday, tell me what is your plan for today. Yesterday I went to the nearest shopping mall and I found the skirt that I like. I bought it for only RM$12, I know I need to find a skirt matching the top that I have got now. The flowery top that I have got has no match for skirt. Both skirts that I have got are both in black color.

As for my friend she told me that she does not need a skirt but she needs shoes. She takes a long time to make a decision on the shoes that she wants. It cost her RM$48 for the shoes.


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Small argument

Yeah this morning my sister and myself have got small argument. She knows that my mop is broken and kept scolding me why not buy a new one. I wanted to replace the broken wood instead of buying the new mop.

It is not easy to buy the mop that we used to use because it is not available any more. There is other type of mop which I do not know if it is good to use. I saw a mop with basket that cost $200.

She went shopping alone without me as she kept scolding me I have no mood to go with her. I told her to go on her own.

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It is a hot day on Saturday

It is a hot day on this Saturday. We have plan for this evening. My dad is going to bring us to go for Western Food. Yeah I am still thinking on what I am going to order.

I love Steak and I think I will have that. Just need to see the menu for more info. My sister is watching TV and I am blogging here.

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If you love to take part in contest and do not know where to go. I suggest you to check out my blogs. I have so many of them that I need to post contest up every now and then.

Some people having full time or part time job. It will be fun to take part in contest sometimes. If you have a blog, you can try take part in contest. You do not know if you can win or not if you never try.

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