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How much is SE C903

I am looking at this phone and I like it, I like to have a new phone but I do not know why I do not earn enough money even though I have many blogs. I am so sad but I know nothing is perfect and everything important to me what matter more will be health!

This morning the postman was kind enough to call me as he was waiting outside to pass me the parcel. Hot weather and I feel bad for him, hope he is working smart and not stress himself.

By the way, you can check my working blog now.


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Cough and Pee

I am not feeling well but I am still here to blog. When I cough I will want to pee. That is terrible and I am not sure if you have got such experience like me. Tell me if you have got it too.

Going to share with you more contest and others.

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Cold weather eat ice-cream

What do you think of eating ice-cream on cold weather? I think that depends on where you are. Whether you are indoor or outdoor and the location as well. Do you think its suitale for kids to have ice-cream during this cold weather?

My friend told me about her sister-in-law and I understand that she wants the kid to be some where else so she offers her to eat the ice-cream. Smart kid refused to eat and she has to eat it!

I do not agree to give kid to eat ice-cream during cold weather. You do not know whether their health can take it for not.

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