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The Martian movie

Last night my friend told me her friend has giveaway on The Martian movie but sad to say I didn’t want to watch movie at night as I wasn’t feeling well all day. Nose and ear blocked and cough. Today my cough even worst so just staying home not going for events also.

By the way there is a contest related to The Martian movie, do click on the link to find out. My friends watched the movie say its 2.5 hours show.


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I am sad to find out this from the newspaper today, Beatrice Arthur passed away at 88. I know everyone will died soon or later but why is it we cannot have a life that we can live forever. I think the loved one passed away will always be in our memory.

I am sure you have watched The Golden Girls, I seen it before when I was a teen and they are funny. Have you seen it before?

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I do not know about you, but me like to watch CSI. Last night I saw this CSI Sara looked pregnant. She looks like having a bump there. Do you notice that?

Is the baby belong to Grissom? Is she really pregnant? Anyone saw that? If you know about it, please let me know.

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