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I am back, so happy to be in this blog again. Sorry I have not been updating as I was busy with my other blogs.

I love blogging so I have attached myself with my blogs, also attending events that interest me.

If you love to keep a look out on my updates do check out




My son also has a  blog http://mykidshopping.blogspot.com


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Confused and sad

I am so confused over certain matter and sad couldn’t sleep well for past days and I can tell you my brain just active. I take time out to organize things offline and find that I love it. I need to do more often because I can exercise. I am feeling up and down today but mostly down because of my blogs.

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When to renew Heart Random?

I was checking on Shann Host when I need to renew Heart Random, one of my blogs. It is stated 2nd September, 2009. I am glad that I check it out because I am forgetful person.

So now I will just have to check often on when I need to renew my blogs. I am so sad that PinkyPosh that I won is not able to login and check it for so long. The person I won it from is also not blogging at the moment. Her blogs too are down.

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Found my blogs

I have been blogging since last year and I am happy to know that I got other blogs. I signed up to use the blog and I seldom update them. I found them through the emails I have in my inbox.

The password still can be used and I am happy to be blogging there again.

Do you know which are my blogs?

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