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Got to say that I have been neglecting this wordpress for a long time. I am more doing my lifestyle blog post on my other blogs. namsherry and whateverygalwant. Most of my blogs like heartrandom.com, loveandthought.com, kissmi.info no longer available as I cannot afford to having them all. It was time to let them go…

You can find me on social media too as I update almost daily. They are

instagram/twitter @sherrygo

I also active on my fb page and fan page: Sad to say that my blog .us a parenting blog the domain name no longer mine. I paid my friend to renewal each time but now unable to do so, she says she can no longer access it. 😦

So I have change my .us blog to http://www.mymumbest.com , you are welcome to visit.

Boys they are growing up fast, 11yrs old and 6 yrs old yeah and education is getting tougher too! Not just study and tuition in school but outside too. It is not free, need to pay for the tuition classes.





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