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How much is SE C903

I am looking at this phone and I like it, I like to have a new phone but I do not know why I do not earn enough money even though I have many blogs. I am so sad but I know nothing is perfect and everything important to me what matter more will be health!

This morning the postman was kind enough to call me as he was waiting outside to pass me the parcel. Hot weather and I feel bad for him, hope he is working smart and not stress himself.

By the way, you can check my working blog now.


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Time for a break for me, I love blogging but I am lack of knowledge in marketing. Here by I like to share with you that I often visit, that is the blog named SuperWay brand new online marketing blog. There are many categories you can find at the blog, it is user friendly and you will find the information you need. About the Categories that I find useful for me are Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting, Keyword Research, List Building, Traffic Tactics and Make Money Online.

Keyword Research is what  I am learning because I am lacked on skill so I try to practice as often as possible. Other than thatTraffic Tactics are important for me as I need to maintain many blogs and I hope to learn the way to maintain the traffic and page rank.

Let’s not just read here, click on the link above to find out for yourself.

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Good news to share with everyone, I did my best in a contest and I won the domain plus makoever for the blog. Head over to my mom best because thats the blog I choose to have the domain and makeover. Rosa is the blogger that I won her contest, even though it is mini blog contest, I love challenge and thrilled to see the result of me winning!

Keep in mind that not every contest that I taken part I won. Some contest I tried my best but not winning any prize. It is not about winning but happiness of joining the contest with other participants.

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iblogaholic.info is down

I am so sad and host is not telling me anything about the blog. I need to make a move now.

I will be blogging again in few hours time. Just hope the weather allow me.

If you have time do drop by to isherrygo.com and love everything.

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Rosa Mini Blog Contest

It is Rosa Mini Blog Contest, I am taking part so can you.

Look at the Prices

First prices: .us domain registered for one year in Name.com from Istarblog.com or if you don’t need domain name 5$ via paypal.
1500 ec from rosamuth.com
1000 ec from mommawannabe.com
1 month advertising from pink-precious.com pr2
1 month advertising from Istarblog.com pr2
custom blog layout from pink-precious.com (blogger platform only)
Second prices: .info domain registered for one year in Name.com from pink-precious.com
1000 ec from express-liife.com
1000 ec from ivfjournies.com
1 month advertising from pink-precious.com pr2
1 month advertising from Istarblog.com pr2
Third prices: .info domain registered for one year in Name.com from babyko.info
1000 ec from thepinayblogger.com
1000 ec from divafabulosa.com
1000 ec from misterpix.com
1 month advertising from pink-precious.com pr2
4th prices: .info domain registered for one year in Name.com from Express-liife.com
1000 ec from pinayjade.com
1 month link advertising from pink-precious.com pr2
1 month text link advertising from Istarblog.com pr2
Yeah these are for lucky winners that work for it.
Contest ends on 25 Aug, 2009.
Good luck!

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Threadless T-Shirt giveaway

I sure love giveaway and I am taking part in Threadless T-Shirt giveaway.

Let’s take a look at Threadless tshirt!

1. Subscribe to JaypeeOnline’s RSS feed via email. (required)

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*I require you to do these steps so it would be easier for me to validate and keep track of each contestant’s entries.

Total = 5 pts

1. Blog about the contest – 5 pts (Don’t forget to link back to this post)
2. Follow me on Twitter – 2 pts (If you’re already following me, then it automatically counts)
3. Tweet this post – 2 pts
4. Join JaypeeOnline’s Facebook Fan Page – 1 pt

Total = 10 pts

1. Contestants are required to do all steps under CONTEST MECHANICS.
2. No multiple Twitter accounts. 1 person = 1 Twitter account. (If you have multiple Twitter accounts, just choose 1)

A Threadless gift certificate worth $25. (1 tshirt + worldwide shipping)

Contest ends on 31 Aug, 2009.

If you want to take part just click above link.

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My blogs, click them

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