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I do not know about you, but me like to watch CSI. Last night I saw this CSI Sara looked pregnant. She looks like having a bump there. Do you notice that?

Is the baby belong to Grissom? Is she really pregnant? Anyone saw that? If you know about it, please let me know.


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New Header Picture

My friend Makoy is planning for a new head picture at one of his blog. The blog about the arts and the entertainment. I am sure everyone has got good idea and advice. I like to hear from you, even better if you can let Makoy knows.

I have commented about my idea and not sure it is good enough. Makoy’s blog is always updated on Celebrities and others. This is what I like about his blog, there is update everyday!

By the way, the Big Mak Blog Contest is still going on. You are welcome to take part. I hope you mention referral by Sherry. You and me can earn points. I get to earn five  points thanks to you and you get to earn three points for mention me!

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The post man is here

I am going out right now and lucky the post man just came by. I think he will missed me if I went out. I am going to check whether there is any letters for me. Yesterday I have got a letter that I won a Prize. I will need to go bank to bank in the fees for courier service.

I like to go there to pick up but I have experienced that going there will costs me even  more! Going there probably cost $40!

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A.W Surveys is a SCAM!!

I do not like scam, I know some contest are scam and I have delete the posts from my blogs. Now if you like to take surveys, you must know that A.W Surveys is a SCAM! Thanks for Makoy wrote about this in his blog.

I did not get paid in this surveys as I have earned at least $8. I know that and I cannot even login to this A.W Survey any more. I am still seeing this A.S Surveys are most blogger blogs. I do not know why they still put it up. Maybe they do not that its a scam!

Be sure to read more at Makoy’s blog on make money online.

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Cold weather eat ice-cream

What do you think of eating ice-cream on cold weather? I think that depends on where you are. Whether you are indoor or outdoor and the location as well. Do you think its suitale for kids to have ice-cream during this cold weather?

My friend told me about her sister-in-law and I understand that she wants the kid to be some where else so she offers her to eat the ice-cream. Smart kid refused to eat and she has to eat it!

I do not agree to give kid to eat ice-cream during cold weather. You do not know whether their health can take it for not.

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plant with thorn

can you tell me what type of plant has got thorn? I know there is catus. I know there is one plant but I do not know the name.

during my childhood, we used to play with this plant. It is very small and you can throw on people and it will stick to their shirt. You can feel the spike too!

There is pain of course.

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You are not welcome

Tell me how do you tell someone that you are not welcome. My friend is still thinking how to say so as she does not want to hurt her feeling. Yeah she knows that if she told her about it. She will go back and tell her mama.

Her friend is a big gal and she has very thicked skin too. She does not bother whether you like her or not. If she knows that she cannot go , she will make you too cannot go.

Nobody is perfect and I know life is tough on her. Another friend told her that she will die if she is going to live with her.

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