Got to say that I have been neglecting this wordpress for a long time. I am more doing my lifestyle blog post on my other blogs. namsherry and whateverygalwant. Most of my blogs like heartrandom.com, loveandthought.com, kissmi.info no longer available as I cannot afford to having them all. It was time to let them go…

You can find me on social media too as I update almost daily. They are

instagram/twitter @sherrygo

I also active on my fb page and fan page: Sad to say that my blog .us a parenting blog the domain name no longer mine. I paid my friend to renewal each time but now unable to do so, she says she can no longer access it. 😦

So I have change my .us blog to http://www.mymumbest.com , you are welcome to visit.

Boys they are growing up fast, 11yrs old and 6 yrs old yeah and education is getting tougher too! Not just study and tuition in school but outside too. It is not free, need to pay for the tuition classes.




The Martian movie

Last night my friend told me her friend has giveaway on The Martian movie but sad to say I didn’t want to watch movie at night as I wasn’t feeling well all day. Nose and ear blocked and cough. Today my cough even worst so just staying home not going for events also.

By the way there is a contest related to The Martian movie, do click on the link to find out. My friends watched the movie say its 2.5 hours show.

Missing this blog

I am back, so happy to be in this blog again. Sorry I have not been updating as I was busy with my other blogs.

I love blogging so I have attached myself with my blogs, also attending events that interest me.

If you love to keep a look out on my updates do check out




My son also has a  blog http://mykidshopping.blogspot.com

New Year giveaway 2013


Just look at the awsome goodies for one winner, yeah below is the Prize.

Prizes for one winner, for below goodies!

  1. Coolchy Lemon sleeping mask from What every gal want
  2. Cute wristband from Travel blog
  3. Cute dress from Who luv cosmetics
  4. White Coca Cola pin from That blog 4 me
  5. Red Coca Cola pin Where 2 shop

You can click on the link here to take part!

Good luck to you!

Confused and sad

I am so confused over certain matter and sad couldn’t sleep well for past days and I can tell you my brain just active. I take time out to organize things offline and find that I love it. I need to do more often because I can exercise. I am feeling up and down today but mostly down because of my blogs.

I love blogging

Yeah everyone I have new blogs to share with you. Be sure to check them out.

love and thoughts

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Check out two giveaway @ name sherry and iluvcontest

Visit my new blog

I have a new blog that is kissmi, please visit yeah 😀